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Syria’s powerful Nusra Front says ending link to al Qaeda

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how to know a girl interested in youAl Qaeda’s powerful Syrian branch announced on Thursday it was ending its relationship with the global jihadist network founded by Osama bin Laden and changing its name, to remove what it called a pretext used by world powers to attack Syrians.

In the first known video statement ever to show his face, the leader of the Nusra Front, Mohamad al-Golani, announced that the group would re-form under a new name, with “no ties with any foreign party”.

The move was being made “to remove the excuse used by the international community — spearheaded by America and Russia — to bombard and displace Muslims in the Levant: that they are targeting the Nusra Front which is associated with Al Qaeda,” he said. The group would now be called Jabhat Fatah al-Sham.

Golani appeared in the video flanked by two other Nusra Front figures, in front of Jabhat Fatah al Sham’s new white flag. Nusra Front’s old flag was black, the color used by ultra-hardline jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Earlier on Thursday, bin Laden’s successor as al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, announced that he was giving the Nusra Front his blessing to break away. In his message, Golani thanked Zawahri for putting the interests of the Syrian people ahead of organizational interests.

The move appeared how to keep a girl interested in you while chatting be an attempt to appeal to Syrians who have long had deep misgivings about Nusra’s links with al Qaeda and the significant presence of foreign jihadists among its ranks, which set it apart from Western-backed rebel groups.

It could alter the strategic alignment on the ground in Syria if the renamed Nusra gains acceptance among other rebel groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

But Assad and his Russian allies are unlikely to accept the rebranding as requiring them to halt military operations that have put the Syrian leader in the strongest position on the battlefield for years.

The Nusra Front, long one of the most powerful rebel forces in Syria’s five-year, multi-sided civil war, was excluded along with Islamic State from a U.S. and Russian-backed ceasefire this year, a loophole other rebels blamed for the truce’s collapse.

Nusra is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and United Nations. Assad’s other opponents have long said its presence gave the government and its Russian allies a pretext to abandon the truce and launch advances under the cover of anti-terrorist operations permitted under the ceasefire.


The Nusra announcement came as Syria’s government and its Russian allies launched what they called a “humanitarian operation” in the rebel-held sector of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city before the war, which government forces have held under effective siege since early July.

Although Moscow and Damascus described their new plans for rebel-held Aleppo as an operation to aid people trapped there, Western countries are worried that the real aim is to depopulate the area ahead of an offensive to storm it.

Aleppo has been divided into rebel and government zones for years. Asserting full control would be the biggest victory for Assad’s government so far, and a potential turning point in a civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands, spawned the world’s worst refugee crisis and drawn in most regional and world powers.

Rebel-held parts of Aleppo have been bombarded since Wednesday with air-dropped leaflets telling civilians they would be given safe passage out and providing maps to exit routes designated as safe corridors. On Thursday, Assad ordered rebel fighters in the city to surrender within three months.

Around 250,000 civilians are believed to be trapped in the rebel zone of Aleppo. The United Nations says food supplies will run out within weeks.

Assad said rebels who surrender within three months would be given an amnesty. State television quoted the governor of Aleppo as saying three humanitarian corridors would be established so residents could safely leave.

Russia said a fourth corridor would be set up in the north of the city for surrendering rebels, near the Castello Road, the main land route into the rebel sector, most of which the army seized to complete its encirclement.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, today, (we will) start a large-scale humanitarian operation together with the Syrian government to help civilians in Aleppo.”

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said helicopters over rebel-held areas dropped baby diapers and meal packs that had Russian-language labels.

“If it is a genuine humanitarian proposal then clearly it will be accompanied by an end to the bombing campaign and by Russian support for other aspects of this comprehensive approach to the humanitarian situation in Aleppo,

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Bitcoin payment app Circle raises $60 million, expands to China and the euro

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Circle CEO and co-founder Jeremy Allaire.

Bitcoin-based payment app Circle has raised $60 million (

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OMG! The Best Regenerative heat exchanger Ever!

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We hear a lot about mechanical inventions, one such is regenerative heat exchanger, which is commonly known as regenerator. Here we would discuss the kind it is and how to get a busy girl interested in you it works.

Regenerator is a type of heat exchanger where heat from the hot fluid is stored in a thermal storage medium before it is transferred to the cold fluid. To achieve this the hot fluid is brought into contact with the heat storage medium, then the fluid is displaced with the cold fluid, which takes in the heat.

In regenerative heat exchangers, the fluid on either side of the heat exchanger is the same fluid. The fluid might go through an external processing step, and then it is passes back for further processing through the heat exchanger in the opposite direction. The device use this process in cycle or in repetition.

Dating back to history, regenerative heating was one of the most important technologies developed during the Industrial Revolution. It was then used in the hot blast process on blast furnaces. Later it started to be used in glass and steel manufacturing to increase the efficiency of open hearth furnaces, and in high pressure boilers and other applications, where it continues to be important today.

In a regenerator, there are several heat-exchanging chambers, each incorporating two rotary gas valves, are connected to the hot gas flow and the cold compressed flow. The valves are meant to sequence the flows around the chambers so that the regenerator materials, eg. ceramic honeycomb, are alternately heated and then cooled.

The materials that accomplish the heat exchange from one gas flow to another can be gravel, or ceramic balls (if the hot flow is at a high temperature) or honeycombs or wire bundles and are contained in insulated casings. There might be 2,3,6 12 or more chambers with these casings containing porous materials. The casings have dual faces, one for inlet of hot gas and the outlet for heated gas, and the other for input of cooler gas and the outlet for cooled gas. For a period from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the design, the hot flow goes through the porous material, heating it up. Then that flow is halted and the chiller flow is allowed to flow in the opposite direction becoming heated until most of the heat is extracted from the material. This sequence id repeated in each chamber.


When utilized for gas-turbine engines it gives very high heat-transfer efficiency with low pressure drops and low leakage.

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Stunning cheap London escorts

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Finding cheap London escorts is desired b most of the men that hire different escorts agencies to get the work done easily. However there are at times nasty surprises waiting for them and therefore mediocre agencies in this regard are never advised. Choosing cheap yet elite agency never means that the results would be bad. The fact of the matter is that while choosing an escort agency it is never advised to look for too cheap. In this way there are several issues that can happen related to physical, mental and sometimes emotional health of a person. It is therefore advised to all the clients in this regard that an elite yet affordable service is to be chosen.

Most of the clients in this regard complain that they are tired of online and blind dates, online dating stuff and the list goes on. For all these men it is advised to look for cheap London escort so that the work is done without any issue and trouble. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that the client gets the services that are top notch. Hiring an elite agency has several benefits that cannot be overlooked. The escorts of such agencies are not only carefully chosen but the clients also meet other amazing, beautiful and outclass people in this regard. It is therefore advised to too look for the best as the pleasure that has been associated is matchless.

There is a difference in regular dating escort agency and the elite one. The first and foremost one is that the elite agency does not hire all the girls that apply. Most refined and sophisticated girls are chosen and the related clients are also carefully selected so that there is never an issue and the company gets good name in the industry. It also means that the user will be able to get the services that are out of the box and which many of the mediocre agencies are not offering at all. With the best dating choices these agencies also ensure that the user gets the best outcome and hence the best is chosen in this regard as soon as a gentleman applies.

Most of the dating agencies are not only after money but there is a lot of difference in what they say and provide and therefore it is again up to the user to assess such agencies to get the outcome that is in line with the overall profile that client has thought of. In other words finding the exact match for the gentleman is something that shows the prowess of the escorting agency. When it comes to London Escorts then all the available profiles can be browsed to get the match that is in line with the demands of the customers.

Good agencies always keep an exquisite group of escorts that services of which can be availed at a relatively reasonable price. It is therefore advised to all the clients to look for the personal traits so that the date becomes a long lasting experience.

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